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The Making of a Champion $24.95 paperback
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Foreword by Coach Bobby Bowden
Afterword by Coach Tony Dungy

Success is an Inconvenience is an extraordinary book about football and life. As the subtitle implies, success is not easy. In this book, Coach Taylor shares the real hard truth about what it takes to succeed in life, both on and off the field. He lays out his successful blueprint that addresses both the path for individual greatness, and the organizational plan required for a championship football team. He is so loved by his ex student-athletes that many have come forward to share their stories about playing with Coach. NFL players such as Marcus Dixon (NY Jets), Kendall Langford (St. Louis Rams), and Corey Swinson (St. Louis Rams) provide personal memories and insights into Coach Taylor's success and method. Harvard professor Timothy Benson, M.D., attorney Jonathan Hunt, Orthopedic Surgeon Tim Frazier, M.D., Head Football Coaches Michael Bailey and Coach Donald Hill-Eley, and many others share riveting stories about the demands and rewards of playing ball with Coach Taylor. Dr. Frazier is a Navy doctor assigned to the Marines. He recently returned from Afghanistan. When asked what was more difficult, being in the Marines or playing ball for Coach Taylor, he replied without a breath, “Playing ball for Coach Taylor.”

Joe Taylor believes in the development of the total person, mind, body and soul, in order to create a wining athlete and a great human being. His work is his ministry and he has devoted his life to the development and transformation of these young men. He is a tough love kind of guy. As Corey Swinson shares in his story, “Many will come, but only few will be chosen, and those who are chosen will choose themselves.” Those who chose to stay discovered a level of greatness that changed their lives. Their stories provide the proof and documentation for Coach Taylor's blueprint. This book is not only educational, but it is profoundly inspirational.

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Black College Football, 1892-1992$29.95
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Black College Football, 1892-1992: One Hundred Years of History, Education, & Pride

Michael Hurd

In 1892, the men of Biddle University met their counterparts form nearby Livingstone College for a "match game of ball" on a snow-covered field in Salisbury, North Carolina, 23 years after Princeton and Rutgers had inaugurated college football. The Biddle and Livingstone players had no idea they were pioneering the sport for black colleges, yet that's exactly what they did on December 27 of that year. Biddle took a controversial 4-0 decision and football at black colleges was off and running.

This book documents the players, coaches, schools, and other entitles which have participated in this rich athletic history which recently celebrated its centennial.




Over 30 years ago Charles E. Scotton, a retired DC public school teacher, wrote a poem called "The Graduate". We are excited to share his poem with others, especially recent graduates. Please view The Graduate Poem website to view his poem and purchase greeting cards with the original art design created by Charles.

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